URC - Engineering Services

The Engineering Services Group, led by William F. Michalek, P.E., designs and builds water disinfection and purification subsystems for a variety of aerospace applications. Among these are the Microbial Check Valve used on Shuttle Orbiter missions to prevent growth of pathogens in the crew drinking water supply, EMU bacterial filters used to prevent back contamination of the potable water supply while life support back packs are charged with cooling water prior to EVA, the multifiltration (MF) cannisters for use as the primary water purification hardware aboard the International Space Station (ISS), water purification cartridges for the ISS Oxygen Generation Assembly, post-treatment Ion-Exchange (IX) beds located downstream from the ISS Volatile Removal Assembly (VRA), and Iodine Reduction Units (IRU) used for transfer of water from the Space Shuttle to the ISS. The Engineering Services Group has also designed and fabricated hardware for several microgravity flight experiments.

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